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Congratulations!  You have finished your Masters and now you need a Supervisor.  Supervising is one of my greatest passions. I am excited for the opportunity to guide you to your goal of becoming a successful and productive LPC.  You have accomplished so much already and now you are on the final leg of your journey.  Together we will work though ethical dilemmas, diagnosing, conceptualizing cases, interventions strategies, and so much more.


Supervision at New Hope is a versatile experience with weekly individual or group meetings offered in person or virtually.  I can't wait to meet you in person and learn about your aspirations and goals for your new career.

Please bring the following to your first meeting:

  • Copy of your current resume

  • Copy of your Masters level transcript

  • Copy of your Professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance

  • Copy of NCE results

To get started or for more information email me at

8350 Hwy 6 N

Houston, TX 


Located inside Copperfield Church


Tel: 832-730-0352

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